Haggis Delivery Germany
Haggis Delivery Germany

26th December 2022:  Haggis Delivery Germany

We are in the process of working with couriers and Customs to see if we can possible recommence delivering toGermany and the rest of Europe. The scandalous Hard Brexit imposed on the Scottish food and drink industry has made it unviable for us until now so fingers crossed. Watch here for more updates.

The SNP published their findings into how Scottish food and drink exports has been damaged by the Tory Hard Brexit see link here and summary below:

It’s not just individual households. Brexit continues to pose huge challenges to Scotland’s food-and-drink industry with the loss of free trade and new obstacles to the movement of goods.

This sector is one of the key drivers of the economy with an annual turnover worth £15 billion and overseas export sales of more than £6 billion, representing nearly a third of all UK food exports.

We are fortunate to have some of the most amazing and delicious products and pure natural resources of anywhere in the world: our beef, our lamb, our venison and in our waters we have salmon and seafood, like langoustines, lobsters and crab. Along with our cheese, baked goods, craft beer and spirits, including of course, whisky, these are world-class products in demand across the globe.

Producers benefit from the very features Scotland is known for: beautiful rugged landscapes, fertile land, clear waters and clean air. I am extremely proud of the international reputation for quality and provenance that this country’s talented farmers, fishermen, manufacturers, and processors have built.During my recent trip to Paris, in the run-up to St Andrew’s Day, I saw first-hand how sought-after Scottish produce is in that market. Little wonder that France is the largest food-and-drink export market for Scotland, valued at just over £1 billion last year, which was up 12 per cent from pre-pandemic levels, despite significant hurdles and bottlenecks caused by Brexit.

France is also the largest export destination by volume for Scotch whisky and Atlantic Scottish salmon.

To mark St Andrew’s Day, the Scottish Government and the Scottish Development International offices in Paris partnered with Salmon Scotland to celebrate 30 years of Scottish salmon’s ‘label rouge’ status.

It was also an opportunity to promote the excellence of Scotland’s food-and-drink products to more than 250 key French and other stakeholders, customers and politicians.

The 10,000 people in Scotland whose jobs depend on the salmon industry understand the crucial importance of such powerful advocacy.

Haggis Delivery to Germany: please visit our MacSween haggis product page.