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Haggis & Brexit

Haggis, neeps and tatties

Below is a press release we have sent out to highlight the scandal of the Hard Brexit that was imposed on Scotland and how it has nearly destroyed the Scottish food and drink export market.

Now Christmas is just about upon us, Burns Night is just over four weeks away. It’s time to think about buying haggis for your Burns Supper celebration. 

Stirling based Hillhead Farm Shop are online suppliers of MacSween haggis and Grants tinned haggis. We stock the full range of MacSween haggis: ceremonial or chieftain haggis, vegetarian haggis and gluten free haggis. We also stock MacSween catering rolls, which are perfect for a Burns Supper. 

We have supplied haggis for Burns Supper for the last 15 years and can offer discounts based on the value and volume of any order placed. We offer next day delivery to the UK. 

The main thrust of this press release is to mourn the loss of exporting haggis to the EU. 

Brexit has stopped us exporting this iconic food outwith the UK. The red tape and bureaucracy introduced since the transition period after Brexit has rendered it unviable to export, which is a tragedy. It has resulted in perishable goods going off due to Customs delays. 

Like many other export businesses, this has been a huge loss to us as we previously exported haggis to France, Germany, Italy, Spain and many other countries in the EU.

Haggis is one of the most iconic foods of Scotland and we were always hopeful that the USA would lift its ban on haggis, however we did not expect to be stopped from sending it to our EU neighbours. It is even more sickening as Scotland voted overwhelmingly to remain in the EU – but our voice was ignored…

Boris Johnson said that he had an “oven-ready deal” for Brexit. We learned very quickly this was simply untrue and the Scottish food and drink export industry has been virtually decimated by the lack of preparation from the UK Government. 

Without being overtly political, Brexit has been an untold disaster for the Scottish food and drink sector – hopefully that will be rectified in the near future….

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